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Tachyon™ M3D

Data Sheet (.pdf)
Press Release

Tachyon™ M3D

Significantly improves high-NA process-window modeling accuracy for sub-65nm OPC and OPC verification.

During calibration, Tachyon M3D constructs an accurate computational lithography model using first principle rigorous electromagnetic field simulation of polarization and scattering caused by subwavelength features on 4x masks.

For high speed full-chip runs, Tachyon M3D replaces the thin mask. approximation with a complex model of the light passing through the mask. Tachyon M3D then computes and combines wafer image intensities from different polarizations, before resist and etch computations.

Below the 65nm node, 4x reticles for leading-edge chip designs have features smaller than the wavelength of light used in advanced exposure tools. These features cause significant scattering and polarization of the exposure light and must be accounted for to achieve accurate high-NA lithography.

With Tachyon M3D, wafer pattern distortions caused by mask 3D effects can be corrected by Tachyon OPC+ and verified by Tachyon LMC with a single FEM model. Tachyon M3D’s capabilities are also important when applied to through-focus lithography modeling due to the significant mask 3D effects across the full range of focus variation during the manufacturing process. These capabilities are critical to OPC and OPC verification of leading-edge semiconductor operations, since focus variation must be taken into account as lithography process-windows shrink with each successive node.